about the network

Zanifare is a film production and media business set up by Ed Sillence, it began with making his first indie feature film, which led to the idea of setting up a production company to produce it and future projects, which then led looking for more ways to create an income, and so the idea for the media network slowly formed.

It has taken quite a long time to write business plans and develop the whole project, at the same time completing production on the indie feature ‘A Fool$ Game’ which will launch our film production business. Taking this time has been very important to really build some deep foundations for the long term success of Zanifare.

Zanifare is currently made up of:

Business accounts

Zanifare, Zanifare Films, Zanifare AdMedia and Zanifare Photography cover the film production side, making content for distribution, music videos, post production, commerical film and photography.

media accounts

FilmStuffXyZ, MovieNewsXyZ, FilmDailyXyZ and FilmTvTheatreOnline are all film themed blogs, social media accounts and YouTube channels.

zanifare films departments

We produce content in three genres:

  • Crime Thriller – Noir Side Entertainment
  • Horror – #zhorrorfest
  • Comedy – Jocular Boulevard

Noir Side Entertianment will mostly produce independent feature films, beginning with ‘A Fool$ Game’.

#zhorrorfest will make regular web series and short films for Zanifare Films TV (YouTube channel), and in the future VOD/TV shows and feature films.

Jocular Boulevard produces comedy content for Zanifare Films TV and it’s own social media accounts and blog site, so mixes film production with media.